EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Mayor Dee Margo signed a proclamation making January 18th “Sanctity of Human Life Day.” The proclamation says it was signed by the Mayor and the City Council of El Paso.

However, some council members say they didn’t know about the proclamation nor agree with it.

Organizers read the proclamation at Saturday’s Southwest March for Life where thousands of pro-life supporters gathered rallying against abortion.

“I think it’s the first step in creating a sanctuary city for babies here and ultimately, it’s the first step of kicking planned parenthood out of our town,” said Patrick Hernandez-Cigarruista, a Congressional Candidate.

The proclamation was drafted by congressional candidate Patrick Hernandez-Cigarruista and was signed by Mayor Dee Margo on January 13th.

Councilmember Alexsandra Annello said she didn’t know about the proclamation until the 18th.

“The mayor does have the authority to authorize the proclamation on his own,” said Alexsandra Annello City Representative for District 2.

However, Annello said most proclamations are not about such controversial issues.

“You know to highlight business community groups. A lot of times we highlight special citizens, student-athletes in our community, so it’s never really stated that this should be used for any kind of issue that has a lot of political emotion attached to it,” said Annello.

The proclamation said, “We praise the pro-life movement for the tremendous efforts it has made to stop the deaths of innocent unborn children.”

The Diocese of El Paso, who sponsored the Southwest March for Life, said it brought more attention to their cause.

“I think the proclamation definitely got people more excited, and I think it pushed a lot of people to get out here,” said Gabriela Avila with the Diocese of El Paso.

Although the proclamation has already been issued, Annello believes not just one group’s beliefs should be highlighted by the Mayor.

“This is such a controversial issue and for him to just pass along his opinion again without the conversation of the council,” said Annello.

The March for Life marched down Wyoming avenue to Planned Parenthood on Saturday where the group of thousands prayed over the facility.

Women’s rights advocates are expected to address the signing of the proclamation at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting during public comment.