President Biden focuses on increasing vaccine supplies with manufacturers

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Pfizer and Moderna commit to improve shipments by the millions

WASHINGTON, DC (NBC News) — With the spotlight on developing more vaccines and shipments, the Biden administration is trying to prevent a major supply chain problem in the middle of a pandemic.

What happens if you can’t get the second covid shot?

That’s the question many Americans have.  

Will one dose provide enough protection from the virus?

Also, a growing  demand for cell phones and computers during the pandemic has led to manufacturing shortages.

President Joe Biden meets with lawmakers on that today. He’s set to issue an executive order reviewing the U.S. supply chain, after telling essential workers.

We’re also expected to have  an update from the covid response team.

Currently, vaccine shipments are up 70 percent since inauguration and 20 million Americans are fully vaccinated.

However, with demand outpacing supply, there’s concern about what happens for those who can’t get the second shot on time.

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