Powerball Jackpot grows to $625 Million

El Paso News

It’s been 24 drawings since the last Powerball winner, and Saturday, Texas lottery officials are placing their bets that the next jackpot winner will be from the Lone Star State.

The jackpot began as a $40 million prize on December 29, has grown to an estimated $625 million prize with an estimated cash value of $380.6 million for Saturday night’s drawing. This is the fourth-largest Powerball jackpot on record and the seventh-largest jackpot for any U.S. lottery game. 

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the first Powerball jackpot winner of 2019 will be a Texan,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery. “Powerball sales have been strong during the last few days, which means more revenue for the state of Texas. As great excitement builds for Saturday night’s drawing, we want to remind our players to play responsibly. It only takes one ticket to win.”

In the ten largest Powerball jackpots, the only with a Texas winner was on Feb 11, 2015, where a Texan split the $564 million prize three ways. El Paso’s largest jackpot from any lottery game came on May 16, 206 when an El Paso partnership claimed the $94 million prize in the Texas Powerball & MegaMillions. 

Saturday night’s drawing will be held at 9:12 p.m. MST.

Top 10 Lottery Retailers in the El Paso District:

  1. Mitchell’s Thriftmart – 888 W. Sealy – Monahans
  2. Uncle’s – 1410 S. Eddy St. – Pecos
  3. Albertsons #3999 – 10765 Kenworthy – El Paso
  4. Allsup’s – 708 Cedar – Pecos 
  5. Kent Kwik 262 – 2113 S. Stockton Ave. – Monahans
  6. Klemme Convenience (Valero) – 6200 Edgemere Blvd. – El Paso
  7. Allsups – 100 S. East Eve – Kermit
  8. 7-Eleven – 9061 Dyer – El Paso
  9. Allsups – 200 W. Sealy – Monahans
  10. Albertsons – 9111 Dyer St. – El Paso 

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