Pothole damages on borderland streets & cars

El Paso News

With rain in the forecast, you’re more likely to see potholes around the borderland and you’ll wanna  avoid them, or it can cost you a lot of money.

While the city is out repairing the roads Martin Tire Company is repairing cars, that have become victims of many damages from potholes.

They say a tire replacement can cost you from $80 to $200, while a simple alignment up to a 70 dollar repair.

“If the tire gets an impact break which is caused by the pot hole that’s the cost of a new tire, there’s no way to repair it other damages is it can knock the alignment out and that’s a 60-70 dollar repair and if its really bad it can damage the suspension”, says President of Martin Tires, Ron Martin.

The city is asking for your help in reporting potholes around your area. Just dial 3-1-1, the faster they can repair it the smaller chance you might have to dip into your wallet for auto shop repairs.

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