EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A wild bird is finding refuge in El Paso after getting lost in the winter weather. 

A magnificent frigatebird, a seabird most often found in Florida and along the Gulf Coast, was found by and taken to Stick House Sanctuary, which later transferred her to the El Paso Zoo for care. 

The El Paso Zoo said she was examined by Dr. Vicki Milne, who found no broken bones or major injuries.

“She is hungry and weak,” wrote the El Paso Zoo in a tweet. “With TLC, time, and plenty of fish, she’ll recover from her accidental desert voyage.”

Milne says this is the first known sighting of a magnificent frigatebird in El Paso.

The National Audubon Society reports this species very rarely ventures far inland, especially to high deserts like El Paso. 

“They have been seen in New Mexico and in other areas of west Texas, but it’s very rare,” she tells KTSM 9 News.

Magnificent frigatebirds are air foragers that swoop for food just above the surface of the water but do not swim and feed similarly on land for items like eggs and turtle hatchlings.

These seabirds can fly for nearly an hour without flapping their wings.

“But they’re incredibly clumsy on land, she doesn’t walk very well,” said Milne.

“She’s got giant wings and tiny, little, legs — she’s like a T-rex in reverse,” Milne added.

The disposition of these seabirds is like a seagull, but grumpier. 

Magnificent frigatebirds are kleptoparasites that are commonly referred to as “pirates of the bird world” because the species is known for harassing and stealing other birds into giving up their food.

Milne says the El Paso Zoo is working to help the bird regain her strength and is seeking a partner to help return her to the coast.

“We don’t want to make her work right after rehab,” explains Milne of the need to ensure the seabird receives dedicated care at a sanctuary, “we want to get her back to where she’s comfortable and knows what she’s doing.”