Phit Phuel Express officially opened their third location in West El Paso. 

The shop offers clients customized meal preps as well as smoothies to enjoy after a work out.

“That’s something I’m looking forward to in the next couple years is them continuing to expand their menu options. This place does the trick. So anytime I have a chance to support a local business I will,” Customer Robert Esparza tells KTSM.

The owners have been in business for a total of 4 years and counting. Clients range from being athletes to everyday El Pasoans.

“Most of our clients are just the person that’s busy. They work a lot of hours so they just need something to go. They take it to work, they take it to school, its something quick. They’re not losing time going to lunch and they know they’re eating something healthy,” Co-Owner Alex Levario says.

There are different types of meal preps that are wallet friendly to clients.

“This one just seems to be the most convenient and cost efficient. To me it’s the most affordable without sacrificing quality,” Esparza shared.

Starting off in the sun city, Levario hopes to expand his business with the rest of Texas and beyond.

“We’re always going to take El Paso into consideration. We’re always going to take it with us, but we are trying to take something that’s from El Paso and grow it out,” Levario said.