EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The City of Las Cruces held a meeting today regarding the possibility of outdoor cannabis consumption in licensed facilities. The President of Ultra Health, says there are still a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to cannabis shops serving customers, specifically the liability of it.

“What happens when a customer comes in gets served and unfortunately leaves our facility and has a negative event? Everyone is trying to understand what liability will the cannabis company have and until that question gets answered I don’t think you’re going to see a significant proliferation of consumption lounges.”

Duke Rodriguez, President of Ultra Health

The president of another cannabis company, Schwazze also told our KTSM news crew that there is a question of liability and how the serving of cannabis would be handled.

“I definitely think there’s going to be higher demand for that with the more legalization and the more people that get comfortable with cannabis, especially as the alternative of going to a bar and drinking alcohol I definitely think there is. The biggest thing to me that have to get figured out is liability.”

Steve Pear, President of Schwazze New Mexico Division

The City of Las Cruces Community Development Department explains how there is a Las Cruces Cannabis shop that has a license to serve cannabis indoors, but not outdoors.

“There is one that is actively serving right now there is one that is in the process, Sol Cannabis is the only one that I know of that is currently serving right now and it’s indoors. There is not a legally approved outdoor consumption area in Las Cruces. “

Katherine Harrison-Rogers, Senior Planner City of Las Cruces Community Development Department

The Chief Operating Officer of Sol Cannabis Brett Burk, says that the people who come into the lounge include medical users who don’t have anywhere to consume and first time users.

“We have people who are first time cannabis users and they’re too intimidated to go into the shop they don’t know what to buy they don’t know how to use it and they just need somebody to help walk them through the process so they can come try safely.”

Brett Burk, Chief Operating Officer of Sol Cannabis

Plenty of representatives for these cannabis dispensaries showed up to the city’s meeting in order to show support of outdoor consumption for licensed facilities.

“As long as those businesses have gone through the rigger to get licensed through the state and working closely with the city to make sure were doing it responsibly,” said Brett Burk.

The City of Las Cruces did a survey asking Las Cruces Residents how they feel about the legalization of adult recreational cannabis in New Mexico.

The survey showed that 40.58% somewhat strongly disapprove of the legalization of adult recreational cannabis in New Mexico. While 50.66% somewhat to strongly approve and 8.74% were neutral. A total of 387 people responded to the survey and the the majority were over the age of 35.

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