EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – With the summer season just around the corner, it means the Borderland is officially in mosquito season. not only are these bugs annoying but they can also cause diseases, the most common being the West Nile Virus.

El Paso City County Health’s Doctor Hector Ocaranza says you are more susceptible to the virus if you already have a chronic condition, are immunosuppressed, or are older. The symptoms associated with the virus are fever and body aches, however he says eight out of ten people will be asymptomatic.

Ginny Castaneda who works for the city’s vector control says there are ways to avoid mosquitos this summer, by getting rid of all sitting water around the house. Sitting water that has no movement attracts mosquitos and is a breeding ground for them.

“Something as simple as a bottle cap of water can encourage breeding, can cause breeding,” said Castaneda.

She says even kids toys such as a toy dump truck can collect water from sprinklers or rain and attract the mosquitos.

Additionality to avoid getting bitten, avoid going out during dusk and dawn. It is also advised to keep windows and doors closed to avoid the bug getting into your home. Lastly, wear the correct clothing, and get rid of all sitting water.

If you need any assistance you Can call 311, which is the number for vector control, and they will come to you

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