UPDATE: The man who had barricaded himself in a Northeast home has been arrested, police said. The incident ended shortly after 11 p.m. on Friday Dec. 9 after more than seven hours.

EL PASO, TEXAS (KTSM) – El Paso Police continue to respond to a domestic disturbance at the 5700 block of Sean Haggerty near McCombs. The incident began early Friday afternoon and is still ongoing.

According to officials, the subject is still barricaded inside his residence. The subject also shot at officers and then retreated back into the residence.

“They did find an individual that was upset and he then displayed a weapon at the officers, he did discharge his weapon and then retreat back into the home.” said Detective Judy Olivero from EPPD.

According to police, there was also a woman inside the residence, but was able to get out safely. Police also add that there is no one else inside the residence except the man who has been barricading himself for the past seven hours.

“I haven’t heard anything yet, hopefully, I can get to my wife and daughter soon.” said James O’Neill who is a nearby resident.

Eastbound traffic on Sean Haggerty Dr. is currently being diverted. No further information has been released at this time.

“This is the second time something like this is happening around here with this same house.” said Jennifer McCloud who also lives nearby.