NMSU, UTEP student housing changes for fall semester

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College students who live on campus will have to get used to the new rules put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.

College students who live on campus at New Mexico State University and the University of El Paso will have to get used to the new rules put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Student residents at NMSU can find signs of COVID-19 safety guidelines at the entrances and exits of the dorms. They’re one of many implementations put in place to remind students to do their part under the University’s new protocols.

“I just wanted to live the college experience, meet new people and live in the dorms,” said Jesus Lozano, a freshman at NMSU.

Students living on campus at NMSU said they feel safe under the University’s protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

“Studying from home online kind of disconnects you from it all, and right now, the school is taking its precautions, so I feel safe coming to school and being on campus,” William Reeves, a freshman at NMSU shared.

Both NMSU and UTEP are implementing new measures for student residents. This includes limiting capacity, deep cleaning and disinfecting common areas inside the dorms, and monitoring who’s going inside.

“There are going to be no visitors allowed in housing residents life. That’s a big change, and we recognize that. We recognize that’s a lot of times how people want to interact with each other, but we felt it was really important to mitigate the spread of COVID,” Catie McCorry-Andalis, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students at UTEP said.

Also, students have the responsibility of keeping their own living spaces clean.

“The private spaces where students live, we will not professionally clean while the students are living there. That’s going to be the student’s responsibility to clean. Unless we have a situation with someone that tests positive, in that case, we will go in and sanitize/disinfect the space,” Ophelia Watkins, Interim Director of Housing and Residential Life at NMSU said.

NMSU student residents said even though they feel safe, everyone needs to do their part by following guidelines.

“The only concern I have people not following protocol and just throwing parties. Having to get sent home early after paying a bunch for actually living on campus and not having to get that experience,” Lozano said.

“Everyone has to maintain their own health, regulate, and keep track of their own health and safety. So it’s up to the student really to decide whether or not they want to go to the parties,” Reeves added.

Both NMSU and UTEP are also offering face masks for anyone who may forget theirs when going to their classes.

NMSU will also have supply vending machines containing hand sanitizers, latex gloves, reusable and disposable masks, and other supplies needed to maintain a healthy environment. You can find where those are located here.

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