New Year’s Resolutions from Lucky Cafe

El Paso News

Today we headed out to Lucky Cafe on Alameda to find out everyone’s New Year’s resolutions. It was full of people getting their first menudo of the year this chilly New Year’s day. 

“This morning we needed the menudo, unfortunately my new year’s resolution was to eat healthy, so this is how I’m starting”, said Rosmary Angulo an El Paso resident who visits Lucky Cafe often.

Her husband Jorge decided not to set his goals too high so he could achieve them. “I will not drink… too much. I will not smoke… too much. And I will work out every morning.” Jorge said laughing. 

But according to a Behavioral Expert at Spectrum Health, Rosmary and Jorge have the right idea. Experts say that you should always find a way to celebrate small successes and milestones and not going overboard. So a celebratory bowl of menudo sounds fitting. 

And others are hoping that 2019 will bring more peace. “Hoping that there’s just more peace in the world, and that everyone gets along a little better wether it’s locally nationally or around the world,” said Roland Rangel an El Paso citizen. 

Everyone at Lucky Cafe this morning seemed pretty excited for the new year, and had some great resolutions. Have you made yours yet? 

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