New timeline of migrant boy’s death

El Paso News
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Customs and Border Protection today released a revised timeline of events amid outcry over 8-year-old Felipe Alonso-Gomez death, who is the second child to die in U.S. Custody this month. 
The agency said the boy and his father were detained while trying to cross illegally near El Paso’s Downtown Paso Del Norte Bridge on December 18th.
Two days later, they were taken to a Border Patrol station in Alamogordo.
At 9:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve, a Border Patrol agent noticed the child was coughing and had glossy eyes. Thirty minutes later, he was transferred to a hospital for flu-like symptoms. His temperature was 103 degrees where he was then tested for strep throat, diagnosed with a cold, given medication, and then released from the hospital.
A few hours later, CBP said he began vomiting and on the way back to the hospital, lost consciousness and died just before midnight.
The Borderland’s incoming Congresswomen voiced their concerns for the welfare of migrants like Felipe.
“Some of the agents I talked with yesterday feel like they’re unable to care for the people that are in their custody,” Congresswoman-Elect for Southern New Mexico Xochitl Torres Small shared.
“We know they’re going to keep coming so until we do something to stem the flow, we need to treat people humanely. That means having the adequate number of personnel, having them adequately trained, and having the infrastructure ready to accept these individuals,” El Paso Congresswoman-Elect Veronica Escobar said.
The Guatemalan Foreign Ministry said it will provide assistance and consular protection to the boy’s father who is currently detained at the Alamogordo station.

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