New program helps local children who struggle to eat

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A new program is launching in El Paso helping local children who struggle to do what many of us take for granted, eat.

It’s now available at Paso del Norte Children’s Development Center thanks to a grant from the paso del Norte Foundation.  the program brings therapists, dietitians, and doctors together to work with children who have difficulty having a full balanced meal.

The goal is to help children struggling to eat because of sensory processing issues or oral motor problems. Therapists told KTSM, some of these children can only have 20 types foods or even less in their diet. Other children may choke, gag, or vomit while eating.

The center’s aim is to try new ways to provide food for these children. 
“We are very thrilled that we are going to be able to provide a program that is unique to El Paso that’s going to be able to support a child, support them in eating better,” Al Velarde, Executive Director of Paso Del Norte Children’s Development Center, said.  Introducing new textures, taste, touch. All of these elements come together to help a child be able to eat a normal diet.”

The center is accepting kids into the program. Parents who want to enroll their children can speak to a therapist to determine the child’s needs. The center hosted an open house from 7AM-10AM Friday morning at it’s building at 1101 E Schuster Avenue.

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