New movement promotes El Paso as it continues to grow

El Paso News

The “El Paso Forward” movement kicked off a couple weeks ago aimed at celebrating progress in the Sun City.

You may have seen a commercial or heard about it on the radio. Over the next few months, “El Paso Forward” will highlight the people and places contributing to growth.

“One of our goals is to change how El Pasoans talk about El Paso,” said Laura Rodriguez.

More than 130 community members and organizations have already joined the coalition including the Better Business Bureau. 

“There has been so much rhetoric across the country about the border recently in particular. El Paso Forward is sharing the positive stories, not just the negative ones because we have so much to offer, there is so much going on,” said Marybeth Stevens, the president of the BBB Paso Del Norte. She said it’s not just a movement. “It’s going to be an attitude change. Again, that mindset. Like pride,” said Stevens.

She’s looking at the future for her family.

“The goal for me personally is for my children to have a great place to come and live and work,” said Stevens. 

There has already been a lot feedback.

“They are excited about the new chefs that are coming to town. The new restaurants that are opening up. The new sports teams that are calling El Paso home,” said Rodriguez.
Anyone can be part of the movement by sharing pictures and videos of new place or what makes you proud by using #EPforward. Click here to learn more about the movement.

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