New app helps find military discounts

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Many businesses offer discounts to active military members or veterans.

Now Deal Patrol is helping you keep track of where you can find those deals.

Co-founders Darren Smith and Gavin Light came up with the idea through their own experiences in the military. 

“Everybody knows that Home Depot has discounts. That Lowes has a military discount, but if it’s some restaurant down the street like a mom-and-pop shop then some people just don’t know,” Co-founder and CEO Galvin Light said.

The Borderland has already embraced the idea with close to 600 merchants already registered.

“There’re so many members that are like ‘hey this deli next to my house has a military discount but it’s not on the app yet.’ That’s why we made it so easy. Anybody can download the app and submit a discount,” Light said.

The founders say the discounts are small gestures showing how much the community cares for their heroes.

“Deployment, crazy hours and the danger some people find themselves in. It’s really appreciated to come back home and the community around you and with many merchants that have military discounts, ” Light said.

There are plans for the app to be introduced to other cities, but the company first wants to have hundreds of businesses listed before the launches.

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