Tracy Sefcik suffers from a brain tumor, asthma and epilepsy, but she’s a woman on a mission.  She doesn’t let her health get in the way of helping her brothers in arms.

Sefcik is a Navy Veteran who is cycling more than 3,000 miles to raise money in support of the Gary Sinise Foundation.

She’s cycling from San Diego to St. Augustine, Florida, raising more than $22,000 so far for veterans and first responders. Sefcik says cycling from coast to coast is a longtime dream of hers, so she’s putting that dream to good use to help her fellow veterans.

Sefcik says El Paso was the hardest part of her journey to date. 

“[I] had cars beeping at me to hurry up on the road and stuff like that. So after five miles of that I just pulled over on the side of the road and just had a complete meltdown and called an Uber to take me to the hotel,” she said.

She says in moments like that, she remembers the men and women she’s cycling for.  Sefcik will reach the halfway mark of her journey about 200 miles outside of Austin. 

To donate to the Gary Sinise Foundation, visit their website by clicking here