Nationwide organization launches chapter in El Paso to prevent gun violence

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After seeing mass shootings like Sandy Hook back in 2012, students and teachers here in the Borderland worry about gun violence happening at their school.
A nationwide organization launched an El Paso chapter to promote common sense gun laws, and prevent gun violence.
“It really doesn’t seem normal to be that scared to go to school. My mom was even scared for me to go to public school. It seems like something so preventative as gun deaths, we should have some legislation,” Junior at Coronado High School Isabella Soto told KTSM, “We had a lot of threats. So of course they have to take all of them seriously but people were crying and scared. They were happening every week and that shouldn’t even be a thing that you are worried about when you are trying to learn.”
Even teachers at the meeting shared their concerns in the classroom, “Now it’s unfortunate that I have to, in this kind of gun culture that we have, that we have to lock our doors now,” Teacher Javier Paz shared, “It’s no longer something that I can just leave open and it’s just part of the requirement from the school. Everybody has to lock to doors and have them closed at all times, and it’s just kind of the sad part of reality now.”
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America started in 2012 with the mission of keeping firearms out of schools, churches, bars, and college campuses. The local chapter initiated its first official meeting, along with former El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke, to make sure El Pasoans have a voice when it comes to gun violence and gun control laws. 
“I can vote in the next election so it gives me a say in what’s going to happen. it’s important to be educated about what’s happening to make the right decision,” Soto said.
The local chapter plans on having monthly meetings and encourages everyone to be a part of preventing gun violence, “Moms, dads, you don’t have to be a parent to want to get involved in our organization. You don’t have to be a woman. We’d love to see anyone come out,” El Paso Chapter President Jody Casey said.
There are also planned “days of action”, meaning the chapter will be meeting with local, state, and national leaders to share their concerns. 
If you’d like more information on the organization or how to get involved, click here.

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