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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Shortly after 2 p.m. a large boom echoed through El Paso, the Lower Valley, Socorro, Horizon City, and across the border in Juarez.

Officials with the El Paso Police Department say they received the reports as well and are investigating.

At this time there has not been confirmation of a location or reasoning for it and the El Paso Police Department is still looking into the situation.

el paso police department

A check of the USGS earthquake website indicates three events – two in West Texas and one in the Panhandle – however those appear to be earlier in the day.

Emergency dispatch is looking at several intersections, scores of calls have been coming in, however nothing has been found by El Paso Fire Department (EPFD) crews dispatched to search.

A spokesperson with the EPFD tells KTSM that they did not find any trace of any explosion, at any of the locations they were dispatched to.

Officials with the National Weather Service in Santa Teresa tell KTSM they do not know what the sound was, but had taken numerous calls as well, even from the EPFD.

KTSM has also reached out to Fort Bliss to see if there was any significant activity on the post. They responded that the explosion was not from Fort Bliss, nor was it a part of a planned exercise.

It felt like an explosion directly under my neighborhood, like if it was in the sea, you’d see the ocean rise up. All the neighbors came out


According to published reports out of Juarez, they attributed the boom to a mining company in far West Juarez; however nearby residents of Sunland Park (NM) told KTSM they did not hear anything from that area.

Callers to KTSM say the sound was loud enough to rattle their homes and windows. Here at KTSM, we have received calls and messages from the following areas:

Pendale and Rojas

Edgemere intersection Clyde

Parkland Street and Hawkins

Del Valle area

City of Socorro

Horizon City

Amazon Distribution Center at Eastlake

North Loop and Zaragoza

Loop375 and North Loop

Cielo Vista Mall and Fountains at Farah

Bassett Place

Canutillo/Upper Valley

More to come…

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