More police officer applicants needed with El Paso Police

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The El Paso Police Department said it needs more people to apply to become a police officer within the department.

Right now, dozens of trainees are in the academy to protect and serve at the best of their abilities but they need hundreds of more applicants to find a good group of new trainees for the next set of officers.

“One of the things is you have to be physically fit, because if you’re not, it’s going be a little harder for you but you could manage if you have the will,” said Mirella Coggins, an officer for headquarters recruiting.

Once they apply and meet the minimum requirements, trainees will take the written exam, and the next step is a PT test or job simulation test.

“The academy right now it’s almost 11 months long, it has increased due to the added of different different classes of mental health and different like suicides and all those kind of classes to help,” said Coggins.

But not enough people have applied to be a police officer in El Paso this year and there may be several reasons.

“Overall in El Paso is very police friendly, we’re very lucky to be here in El Paso the community’s great with us. They’re very kind to us. It’s just been slow, what the reason is not sure if it’s going to be the due to the current epidemic or the current events in our society that I really don’t know what it is but it has been a little slower to get people to join the department,” said Coggins.

El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen said it takes a special person to be a police officer, someone who knows they may have to sacrifice everything to protect and serve.

“Because the reality of it is at any point in time, there might be a situation where you could lose your life and service to the community,” said El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen.


  • Police trainees salary between $34,537 and $50,000
  • Education: high school diploma, GED, 12 semester hours of credit in any field of study from accredited college or university. can also substitute 2 years full time active military service with honorable discharge
  • Experience: minimum six months of general work experience involving public contact
  • Minimum age: 21 by the date of graduation
  • Texas C driver’s license;
  • Receive basic peace officer license issued by TCOLE upon completion of training at academy.
  • Will learn: law enforcement policies, tactics and procedures
    classroom setting, field training.
    engage in practice sessions, read textbooks and manuals
    Texas penal codes and other LEO codes
    firearms and other weapons care and use; marksmanship, dept rex; polices/procedures, traffic laws and control; arrest methods, defensive driving…emergency response techniques, accident investigations, ethics, report writing, and community relations principles.

To apply to be an El Paso Police Officer click here.

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