More people registered to vote in El Paso, but they’re not voting

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The number of registered voters in El Paso increased by about 30,000 since the last local election. However, many registered voters didn’t vote in Tuesday’s election.

“I am registered to vote, however lately these past two weeks I have been so busy with school, with midterms, all these projects due I wasn’t really aware of an election going on,” UTEP student, Ricky Mena said.

That was the case for many El Pasoans who are registered to vote but didn’t make it out to the polls.

  • 463,191 Registered Voters
  • 34,900 Ballots Cast
  • 7.53% Voter Turnout

“I do believe that having the city issues yesterday on the ballot with the special district 3 election and then things like the YISD Bond. I think that does uptick it a bit. If it stays with just the constitutional amendments those just have a long, long history of a very low turn out,” said Lisa Wise the El Paso County Elections Administrator.

The El Paso County says during presidential and governor elections El Paso County averages a 50 percent turn out.

“People turn out for the high profile dramatic contests and often the propositions, the bond issues, those don’t have quiet the attraction,” said John Sproul an El Pasoan.

The County says they anticipate next November’s presidential election to be one of the largest voter turnouts in years. However, they want to remind everyone that voting in local elections is also important.

“The local elections are very important they’re the ones that if you have an issue with your streets you can reach somebody,” said Wise, “If you have a federal issue you’re generally not going to be able to speak with the President or vice President.”

While the turn out was low on Tuesday, it was still a 2.4 percent increase in voters than the last local election in May.

The County’s elections department says even though the turnout was low, the number of people registering to vote and coming to the polls continue to grow making them hopeful more people will participate in local elections.

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