Montoya traffic study recommendations made to El Paso City Council

El Paso News

The City of El Paso has the recommendations from a traffic study along Montoya Road in the Upper Valley.

The study looked at Montoya Road from Redd Road South to Meadow Lark Drive, just blocks from Lincoln Middle School.

The traffic study came about after 13-year old Giselle Martinez was hit and killed by a driver on that road. Police said Samuel Thomas Garcia was the driver of the vehicle that killed Martinez.

The recommendations on the study include installing speed cushions and multi-way stop signs.

A trail along the ditch is also suggested but it would cost more than $1 million per mile.

Neighbors say they think its worth it.

“You need sidewalks these kids need a place,” said Andrea Martinez, a neighbor. “The buses let them off only in certain stops. It’s needed to be safe for the kids to get down there streets. They have to walk at least maybe one more street over before they can go down to the street where they live. They need the sidewalks”

The city is looking into finding ways to fund the project.

They will revisit this in six to 12 months to see if the recommendations put in place are actually working. 

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