Military’s ‘Ranger Roll’ and ‘Konmari’ method inspire El Pasoans to organize

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A Netflix show called “Tidying Up” is inspiring locals to take pride in the way they fold their clothes.

It takes a few tries to get the folding technique down but once you master it, it’s meant to help you find things easier.

El Paso mother, Laura Jimenez, is being inspired to organize her home all thanks to the Netflix show Tidying Up.

Jimenez decided to follow the steps on the show after her family couldn’t find one of the children’s t-shirts.

“I took everything out of the drawers and dresser and all the clothes from the hanger and piled them on her bed,” she said.

The host of the show, Marie Kondo, created an organization technique called “Konmari.” It includes unique folding styles that Jimenez has used to downsize the space that her children’s clothes take.

“Marie talks about making the shirts into little rectangles… and they should stand up in the drawer, and then you can see what you have.”

While the “Konmari” method is great for drawers, Specialist Robert Jankowski shared a folding style used in the military called Ranger Roll.

He said it helps when he travels and could benefit for people on the go, like if you’re going hiking.

“But this is more like if you’re packing a suitcase or assault pack. Nothing is going to stay standing in that,” said Jankowski.

Jimenez said the “Konmari” method is a way of folding that helps you appreciate what you own.

“I do feel gratitude for the things that we do have, seeing everything,” said Jimenez.

Goodwill Industires of El Paso told KTSM wheather the show is influencing people or not. they usually see an increase during this time of year as people tend to set goals of cleaning out their homes.

“If there was ever a time for thrift stores, now is the time for thrift stores,” said Nickole Rodriguez, the Chief Operations of Goodwill Industries of El Paso.

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