Migrant receives a surprise Christmas blessing

El Paso News

Today a man from Guatemala received a Christmas gift from a kind stranger. 

Santo came from Guatemala with his young son and was recently released from detention. He has family in Arkansas and was trying to get to them before his immigration hearing. But he didn’t have enough money to buy the ticket himself. 

Lizet Reyz is from Las Cruces and came to the Downtown Greyhound station on Christmas looking for migrants who needed help. She has been collecting donations after hearing about all the struggles they were having after being released.

That’s when she met Santo and his son. “I have a son, and my parents were deported seven years ago. So I understand the struggle these people are going through. So I don’t care if it’s Christmas, I just want to give them my support and I’m going to continue to collect more money and donations”, says Reyz.

Santo said that him and his son were safe in America on Christmas despite all their struggles, and he couldn’t thank Reyz enough for her generosity.

“What I want to say to these people who have helped us is you have a good heart, thanks for giving us your time”, said Santo. 

Santo and his son are now on their way to Arkansas where they have family waiting for them, thanks to a random act of kindness this Christmas.

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