When it comes to the Mighty Mujer Triathlon, most of the athletes are first-timers. It’s part of the charm of the race! Athletes have worked for months to learn to swim, bike and run.
In the last weeks leading up to the big day, athletes will have done “brick” workouts or workouts where 2 of the 3 sports are done back-to-back. For instance, a brick workout may be to swim and then ride or, to ride and then run.
Race Day poses a new challenge.  While athletes will have completed their “bricks,” this will be the first time the majority of the athletes will complete all three sports at one time.  Nutrition is very important to insure you have the energy to finish your race!
Every athlete is different and you know your body best! Some women will have oatmeal and a banana before they get in the water (but eat at least 60 minutes before you begin your workout!), while others will eat a nutritional bar for their nutritional fuel.
Race El Paso wants to make sure you have a great Race Day amd is hosting a nutritional workshop for those who may be worried about what to eat. You will learn the basics of nutrition and how to make changes to maximize endurance. This clinic will serve as a guide to get your nutrition on track through training and across the finish line. And it’s free!
Join Race El Paso at Crazy Cat Cyclery on Mar. 7 at 6 p.m for this important clinic.