EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The El Paso City Council has approved five new works of art as part of the 2023 Public Art Plan, including a memorial that will honor the late El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen.

The five new projects join 24 public art projects currently in the works that comprise the beginning of a Public Art Master Plan.

The Public Art Program is part of the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department, which is dedicated to beautifying El Paso and creating last works for the community to enjoy.

“The Museums and Cultural Affairs Department is proud to keep promoting the community’s access to, appreciation of, and enjoyment of visual art,” said Cultural Affairs and Recreation Managing Director Ben Fyffe. 

Former El Paso Chief of Police Greg Allen died at the age of 71 in January while reportedly recovering from a surgical procedure.

He was the longest-serving chief in the history of EPPD, leading the Department for about 15 years.

Additionally, Allen served the El Paso community for a total of 45 years, starting as a patrolman in the late 1970s.

Details on the planned memorial for Chief Allen were not immediately disclosed in a press release issued by the City that announced the 2023 Public Art Plan.

Other projects either recently announced or currently in the works include the Ted Houghton Street Reconstruction and projects that will be located at Fire Station 36 on Resler Dr. in west El Paso.

El Paso’s Public Art Program debuted in 2006 and has been responsible for the completion of 85 works of art thus far, created by a total of 377 artists.

The program typically seeks out local talent with around 77-percent of its affiliated artists hailing from the Borderland.

More information and news on various art projects, museums, local markets, and more can be found at this link.

To date, the Public Art Program has received 11 national awards and has also been featured in numerous publications across the country.

Projects are funded through a two-percent “set aside” from the budgets of all capital improvement projects within the City of El Paso.