Mayor of Juarez proposes plan to help reduce wait times at ports of entry

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The Mayor of Juarez says he is trying to help reduce the long wait times at the ports of entry. 

Mayor Armando Cabada was the keynote speaker at Wednesday’s Central Business Association Luncheon.

Cabada says he is sending Juarez police officers to patrol at the ports of entry to try and stop large groups of migrants from crossing the border illegally into El Paso, hoping this will free up CBP agents in order to have more lanes open at the bridges.

He says this will help reduce the long wait times that have been affecting both sides of the border.

“We don’t have the resources necessary to receive them because it requires a lot of infrastructure and services we do have the people but it wasn’t in our plan to have to find the funding to have them here,” Mayor Cabada said.

The mayor says Juarez has received around 15,000 migrants since last October.

“We’re serving them so they can coexist with the community here on the border in an orderly fashion,” Cabada said.

The former El Paso Sector Border Patrol Chief, Victor Manjarrez Jr., said he thinks this is just a temporary fix.

“What that’ll simply do is instead of people giving up and claiming credible fear claims at a port of entry it’ll just be to the outskirts of it, to the left of it to the right of it,” Manjarrez said. 

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo said in an email:

“Anything that helps control the flow of migrants is beneficial to this community. The true solution is Congress taking legislative action.”

Meanwhile, Customs and Border Protection spokesperson Roger Maier said:

“More police presence could assist if they engage aliens that are not abiding with queue management. That could allow CBP officers to perform their mission critical duties.”

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