Mayor Margo declares Easter Bunny ‘essential,’ has special message for kids

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Children around the borderland have expressed concern over restrictions under the city’s “Stay Home, Work Safe” order designed to stymie the spread of COVID-19.

Are the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy still able to visit the homes of children?

KTSM has the exclusive.

On Friday, Mayor Dee Margo hopped to action to address some of the community’s youngest members and declared magical workers essential.

“Why is that important?” asked Mayor Margo. “Because where would we be on Sunday’s Easter without Easter baskets, chocolate eggs, candy, colored eggs?”

But like the rest of us, the Easter Bunny is being mindful of social distancing practices that might slow down the normal round-the-world in a night pace.

This year, some families might not get visits from the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy on time, and Mayor Margo asks kids to be understanding and patient as we all try to make the best of the situation, even those with magical powers.

“The Easter Bunny may have trouble getting to your house or home,” said Mayor Margo. “And that’s because of this COVID-19 virus and we’re all and quarantining and protecting ourselves from the spread.”

Kids should know they did nothing wrong if the Easter Bunny is unable to visit, and the Mayor is proud of the resiliency the city’s youngest members have shown in the face of mass global confusion.

Seasonal festivities across different faiths have undergone sudden changes in plans over the last few weeks, but people are finding creative ways to adapt.

Families can enjoy coloring eggs while sheltering in place at home, decorating cookies with frosting and sprinkles or making the family egg hunt social distance-friendly by moving it to the backyard or indoors with only the people who live in the residence. You can have an at-home photoshoot in your Easter best, or a fashion show with your friends and family over Zoom, House Party or Facetime.

Another idea is to take the egg hunt to the streets.

Children can decorate the windows to their houses with Easter-themed coloring pages and decorations. Families can drive around their neighborhoods looking for the eggs in the windows from the social distanced security of their vehicle.

The mayor asks that children do what they can to help the Easter Bunny spread love from home, and help out their parents.

Kennedy, who lives on the West Side, is showing her support through song. She learned to play “Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail” on her bubblegum pink guitar to celebrate the rabbit’s romp throughout the world.

Siblings Colton, Merida, and Pippa tell KTSM their family’s Easter plans will include lots of quality time and sweet treats.

“On Easter, we eat a big breakfast, do an Easter egg hunt, and eat Easter candy,” explains older brother Colton.

“And eat Easter candy!” adds Merida for emphasis.

May we all hippity-hop-hop on the optimism and willingness to adapt that kids are.

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