Majority of El Paso voters approve preservation of “Lost Dog Trailhead” land

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El Paso voters approved the preservation of more than 1,000 acres of undeveloped land in Northwest El Paso, including the popular “Lost Dog Trailhead” on Saturday. 

The latest voting results show 13,962 votes in favor of Proposition A for 89% of votes and 1,781 votes against for only 11% of votes. 

As KTSM previously reported El Pasoans in favor of Proposition A want to save the land from private development and permanently preserve it. Those voting against are in support of the City’s plan to develop on the land in the future once the two-year freeze on development expires.

Before the polls closed, trail preservationists spent the day persuading voters to vote for the preservation of the land. 

“I’m very pleased, the reaction to people is mostly a lot of people are actually saying hey that’s what we came out for rather than the school board you know,” Dr. Rick Bonart, a preservation campaign member said.

Bonart said he was at the polls all day and came across many voters who said they specifically showed up to vote in favor of preserving the trailhead.

A West El Paso couple voted in favor saying the trailhead is a major part of their daily lives and recreational activity.

It’s just a beautiful place and we really love it so we definitely want to save it,” Lauren Brown said.

Bonart said the community showed a collective effort in the trailhead’s preservation.

“Our total income for the campaign has been around 30,000 dollars so that’s a good outreach from the public and I hope we spent their money wisely and it looks like we’re going to be victorious,” Bonart said.

As far as what’s next for the City of El Paso, Laura Cruz-Acosta, the El Paso City Communications Director, said City Council will need to take the steps necessary to ensure permanent preservation.

“That includes working with the water utility to provide payment in the amount of approximately 11.3 million dollars or more in line for the approved bond covenant,” Cruz-Acosta said.

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