Los Cuatro Amigos: A show of the Borderland’s best artists

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They are names you may hear in parts of the Borderland including world-renowned artist Hal Marcus. Now, these four artists are embarking on a new project to showcase their talents together. 

Los Cuatro Amigos is a group of artists including Marcus, Francisco Romero, Mauricio Mora and Daniel Padilla. Their friendship spans 22 years, resulting in their styles reflecting each other.

“Through good times and through bad times we are still here, we’re still together and we’re still young at heart and we are still working every day,” Marcus explained.

For the first time in their decades-long friendship, the four local artists are putting their works on display together. 

“The great thing about these four people is that we all do figurative works and we all feed off each other so we have a history of kind of looking at each other’s art and borrowing from each other kind of stealing from each other and being very innovative,” said Marcus.

Despite their similarities, each artist maintains their own unique style while still respecting the art of the Cuatro Amigos.

“Between us, the ego does not exist because each one has their fight, has their journey and we understand that and for me it is very satisfying to be in this position,” Romero said.

Marcus said the respect the four have for each other is what helps propel their artistic talents as a group. “It’s not this edginess, but it’s more of a being proud that we have been able to stick together and continue to do our art.”

They not only want to continue influencing each other, but they hope to influence the community. 

“We’ve seen other artists walking down the same path and we actually mentor each other, not only for us four but the rest of the community as well,” said Marcus.

The display can be seen at the Hal Marcus Art Gallery located at 1308 N. Oregon. The opening reception is on Thursday, April 26 from 5 to 8 p.m. The art will be on display through August. 

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