Local veteran celebrates 100th birthday

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A journey of one hundred years.

On Saturday people from different parts of the country gathered to celebrate the 100th birthday of a local veteran. 

We had people coming in from all over the country that were touched by him at one time or another, his son, Daniel Fernandez Jr. told KTSM.

At 22 years old, Daniel Fernandez joined the U.S. Army. In World War II, he became a lineman where he climbed telegraph poles. During an assignment, he lost his left eye, however, he was in such great physical shape that he was able to stay in the Army and continue to serve.

His family praises him for the stories he once told along with his humor.

After a fall nearly ending his life, something that was almost completely gone was the memories. He lost a lot of his memory, but once in a while he surprises us, and he’ll remember a lot of things, Fernandez Jr. said. 

The one part of him that has never faded is his willingness to make others laugh. He had an oxygen mask on, but I asked him a question and the way he reacted made me burst out laughing, his daughter, Rose Gomez said.

Now loved ones spend the days with him as they embrace and pass on the lessons he continues to teach. The way he lived his life was such a well-lived life. The way he treated others throughout his life not just at this point but from the very beginning to the people that were less fortunate, Fernandez Jr. said. 

There’s another milestone he and his family are looking forward to. In August, he and his wife will celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary. 

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