Local shelter now housing migrants needs donations

El Paso News

A local homeless shelter has started to receive migrants due to the overflow. 

Hundreds of migrants have been dropped off in downtown El Paso over the past few days. 180 were left at the Greyhound bus station in downtown on Christmas day. 

Annunciation House has been at capacity. Most migrants have been taken to impromptu shelters across the city of El Paso. They need places to stay while they make arrangements to travel around the country to their loved ones while they await their immigration hearings. 

On Christmas day a local homeless shelter accepted 50 migrants. Most of them families with young children. The Opportunity Center has about 150 homeless that stay there every night. The 50 migrants came as a surprise and they found it difficult to make space and feed 50 extra mouths. 

“That’s our practice having an open door policy so we if we have to we’ll put them in the hallway, or into offices. I believe strongly that they are comfortable, and in return it’s our job to make sure they know that they are loved”, said John Martin, Director of the Opportunity Center.

The center normally shelters adults not children. So they are in desperate need of children’s winter clothing. They also need basic food donations like ground beef and pasta. 

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