Local postage shop urges customers to stock on stamps

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With the stamp rate set to increase on January 27th, local businesses urge customers to stock up now while the price is lower.

“If you have the ability to buy some stamps in volume, I suggest you do that. It’ll save you a lot of money in the long run especially if you’re a big shipper of mail like a business or like that. It’ll save you money in the future,” Postage Depot Owner, Thomas Runkles tells KTSM.

He and his wife (Yvonne Runkles) have owned their one-stop mail shop, ‘Postage Depot’, for almost twelve years. In that time, they have never seen a price-hike in ‘Forever Stamps’ scheduled to happen late January. 

Runkles tells KTSM the United States Postal Service is raising the price due to financial struggles and not government funding. Although the price will increase, it is still cheaper than most states, “Our cost for mail is relatively low. I’ve looked at other countries and they all have higher prices,” Runkles told KTSM. 

The price-hike will also affect secondary sellers. The face value for one forever stamp is currently at 50 cents, but the market value at Postage Depot is 55 cents. With the USPS stamp increase from 50 cents to 55 cents means businesses may increase their price 5 cents as well. 

Some people in the Borderland such as local investor Ruben David Cevallos told KTSM they understand the business move, “If the increase is going to help revenue to be able to pay for those individuals that are providing those postal services, then I think it’s needed.”

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