Local political parties react to Vice Presidential Debate

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Chair members for both El Paso County Offices believe their nominee did a great job at showing what issues are important and what each administration will bring into office.

“Senator Kaine did an excellent job about explaining why the Democratic ticket or what the Democratic ticket is going to do to help everyone”, says EP County Democratic Chairwoman Iliana Holguin.

In their first and only debate, senators Tim Kaine and Mike Pence took the stage Tuesday night. El Paso’s local Republican Party chair says both candidates addressed the issues that are important with clearly distinctive different opinions.

“I think Pence has handled himself very professionally and has tried on most occasions, not all, to allow the other party to finish their comments”, says Adolpho Telles.

On the Democratic side, Iliana Holguin believes Kaine focused on addressing the issues while Pence- at times tried denying comments made by Donald Trump.

There were many interruptions and cross talk throughout the debate, something both parties agree they wanted to see less of.

In an election like this with both presidential candidates being older than usual, the vice president position plays a major role. One of these two experienced politicians could have the chance take over the presidency, Tuesday’s debate let them show voters who they were.

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