Local pastor treats frontline workers to Starbucks coffee

El Paso News

El Paso, TX (KTSM) — The drive-thru testing facility located on Cohen Dr. in northeast El Paso, has tested patients for COVID-19 since the first week of April. Local Pastor Ben Hodge, who was tested at the site and treated by the workers, took his thanks the extra mile, returning to the site with a Starbucks coffee for each employee.

Cindy Zubiate the Practice Manager with the facility explained to KTSM, that she and her workers test 50-90 patients a day.

She added, it has been a scary situation but its what they signed up for.

“It’s scary, we all have families and kids, but this is what we signed up for,” said Zubiate. “If you sign up to be in the marines you sign up to be in the army when you’re called out to go to war, you can’t say no, so this is our warzone and we’re here,”.

Zubiate explained, her testing facility has received a tremendous amount of support form the community. She told KTSM, Vista Market and other organizations have delivered full meals to the workers.

Ben Hodge, who was one of the patients, not only treated the workers to coffee in reward for their work but for their attitude.

“They were just so friendly, smiling, and just so kind, and you know I’m thinking, they do this all the time and it must be hot outside in the sun and they all had a smile on their face,” said Hodge.

He explained, it’s time people are appreciated.

“A lot of people get roses put on their casket, and that’s too late, give roses while you can, appreciate people while they’re there when you can look at them in the eye and say thank you,” Hodge said.

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