Local organization open its doors for those in need to escape the cold

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As the Borderland goes through its first freeze of the season, the Opportunity Center for the Homeless in Downtown El Paso reminds those in need that its doors are always open.

“One must recognize that the opportunity center is a no barrier center, so everyone is welcome. So we get people from all walks of life coming in at that point,” Deputy Director John Martin of the Opportunity Center for the Homeless told KTSM, “This program is one of ten facilities that we have. We actually house over 400 people a night. That’s on a day where the temperatures are not cold so tonight it will jump dramatically.”
The center is preparing to provide food, warm clothing and shelter for people with no place to stay.

“We provide 3 hot meals a day and in turn, that’s about 120,000 meals a year. Yes, we’ll be feeding more mouths as the weather stays colder,” Martin shared.   
With more mouths to feed, comes more of a need for other items such as toiletries.

“So the resources that are needed are just like those that you and I have on a daily basis,” Martin said.
Homeless or not, the Opportunity Center for the Homeless makes sure everyone has a place to escape the cold.
“If we do run into a situation, a lot of times I’m asked what is our maximum capacity. We are the type of organization that if we need to, we’ll open offices upstairs. We’ll open the hallways upstairs. We don’t want to turn anyone away, all being it’s a matts on the floor type concept,” Martin shared.
The center always looks for volunteers but you can also help out by sending monetary donations, or donating clothing and food.

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