Local Ninja Warrior plans to compete in sister’s honor

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Local photographer, Bernie Maese, is accepting the challenge and is trying to earn his way into the competitive show American Ninja Warrior on NBC. This in tribute for his sister who planned to join him, but no longer can because of a battle with thyroid cancer.

The action-packed show challenges competitors to go through difficult obstacle courses testing their bodies. It requires a lot of endurance, agility and participants need to be prepared to fall into the water.

Luckily, this won’t be Maese’s first time. He’s already competed in it three times and has appeared on the show once. 

Maese hasn’t received the results he’s wanted, but understands the prestige he’s earned so far, “It’s really disheartening, but at the same time you remind yourself that out of everyone that could’ve competed on the show, you were chosen and you just feel lucky to be on the show period.”

They say experience is the best teacher so the El Paso Ninja has prepared his body for the suffering. “The hardest thing is actually muscle endurance because when you’re carrying your whole entire body weight, your muscles will begin cramping. You’ll get serious callus and blisters all over your hands.”

As tough as it sounds, he wasn’t suppose to start this journey alone.

“My sister, she wanted to compete with me as well but unfortunately she was diagnosed with cancer. That was big hit for me because my sister is my best friend,” Maese tells KTSM.

He says their dream is now being placed on his back, “The ultimate goal was for us to compete as brother and sister on Ninja Warrior, but after her diagnosis, it fell on me. I’m gonna keep it going to keep her motivated to get better and recover.”

The final day to apply to NBC’s American Ninja Warrior is January 2nd. 

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