EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Leaders in the El Paso community expressed their opinion in the dividing and already controversial Proposition K, a charter amendment to the city climate policy.

The El Paso Democratic Party told KTSM they voted on Proposition K because they believe that climate change is a real issue.

“If we don’t take action on climate change, we’re going to lose those jobs and every other job and our planet.” Michael Apodaca, Chair of the El Paso County Democratic Party, said.

Apodaca said their party feels the need to be aggressive on climate change as the city should also make sure of implementing more solar power energy.

“That’s not going to produce more pollution and finally just having that plan in place because you know we’ve already seen the effects and we see it usually every summer…” Apodaca, said.

If proposition K passes, Apodaca said that job creation will happen although The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said businesses wont survive because it’s not enough time and that Prop K is the right goal but the wrong plan.

“Yes, it will create some jobs in some business industries, but a lot of losses in a lot of other jobs because our business community that we represent, which is primarily small minority and women owned are just not ready for a 7 year implementation of something that’s going to completely flip their company.” Cindy Ramos-Davidson, CEO, El Paso Hispanic Chamber of commerce, said.

Ramos-Davidson believes that the charter is left with interpretation and 90% of small business would vote no on Proposition K.

“And that is just not something that is viable right now. The challenge here will be now how do we cope with this…” Ramos-Davidson, said.