EL PASO, Texas (KTSM)- On Tuesday, March 15th, the El Paso City Council requested that TxDOT reconsider the plans regarding widening the I10 Freeway in and around the Downtown area.

This comes after several groups opposed the project..

Those who oppose the project, like Scott White, are rejecting the idea that we need more lanes ad higher speeds says that just because it faster, it doesn’t mean it is safe.

“Safety does not come from speed it comes from slowing things down and making drivers understand that they think they can go fast that’s not necessarily a good thing.”

White is a member of Freeways for the People who find value in not widening I10. They believe that TxDOT is missing out on promoting better transit and walkability.

However, Lauren Macias-Cervantes from TxDOT says that if or when the project is approved, will improve the corridor along downtown.

She states that the pavement desperately needs attention from its many years of use and that it will also improve safety for first responders who need access.

“…looking at the future of the corridor people travel on I10 from one side of the United States to another, they use that corridor on a daily basis, its a very critical part of I10 so looking at the future flow of traffic is important,” Macias-Cervantes added.

While they are no final plans as to what building or businesses will be affected, members are worried that the Holocaust Museum as well as other structures will have to be demolished to make room for the new project – just like the first time when I10 was put through downtown.

“This means were displacing people displacing businesses and were taking tax dollars out of the public role,” added White.

While this project is still in its developmental stage, White wants to make sure that El Paso looks into making the community stronger and economically balanced.

At the end of the day, he just wants to make sure that everyone’s home route is a safe one.

“Because we want everyone to get home at the end of the day, whether they are walking, biking, riding the bus or driving, we want to ultimately reach the goal of zero traffic fatalities.”

For more information on the I10 project, click here; for more info on Freeways for the People, click here.

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