Local food bank works to keep food on shelves

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One local food bank is working to keep food on its shelves after the effects of the month long partial government shutdown caught them by surprise.
“It has just been a tragedy for far too many of them. People from La Tuna, Border Patrol, from the FBI, the federal courts, have come to our door often times just absolutely in tears because they need an emergency box of food and of course our doors are always open to everyone,” CEO Susan Goodell with the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger food bank told KTSM.
Goodell said the food bank depends on the federal government for one third of food supply, and 25% of funding. The food bank has been well prepared feeding federal employees in need, however still manages six federal programs that were at risk with lack of food supply like feeding the elderly and poor. During these three weeks of the government being open, the food bank hopes more food will come in quick. 
“Fortunately I understand that they will be getting their paychecks by tomorrow so if the government stays open, hopefully this part of the disaster is behind us,” Goodell shared.
While relying on the federal government also comes with relying on the support from the community. 
“We know that there will be other situations in the future. Whether it’s a government shutdown, whether it’s migrants being dropped in our community without the resources to sustain themselves, or a natural disaster. The food bank is really the backbone of the safety net here in the community. We’re looking to the community to help us raise those funds to keep the food bank very strong,” Goodell added.
There’s an emergency fund gifted by GECU where you can help donate money to the food bank to prepare them for future emergencies. Every dollar the food bank raises, provides seven meals.
You can help donate here.

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