Local family calls out Salvation Army policies after being asked to leave

El Paso News

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) A local family called out the Salvation Army of El Paso on its protocol after staff asked them to leave following a dispute over dining hours.

“He told me you can’t be eating at this hour so he told me you got to get out,” the father said.

A father of three young children, Michael Kroll, said he was trying to feed his hungry kids at six a.m on Saturday, however this is outside of the dining hours for families at the Salvation Army.

“We do not allow the families to go in before because what we do is we feed what we call the overnighters which are single men and single women before the families because once they have breakfast they are asked to leave the building,” Nora Aviles, a spokesperson for the Salvation Army said.

Kroll said he was asked to leave after he argued with staff over not being able to feed his kids at that hour. Salvation Army spokespeople said Kroll became aggressive and used profanity which is what prompted his dismissal.

However, the Salvation Army said his wife and kids were still allowed to stay at the shelter, but they declined.

“She was also given the opportunity to stay with the children and she said no she was leaving also,” Nora Aviles at the Salvation Army said.

Kroll said they spent the day looking for shelter, calling other shelters but they were full, resulting in them staying at a motel for the night.

The family says they don’t know where they’re going to stay after the first night, but says they hope that will change when Kroll starts his new job next week.

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