Local daycare, preschool use contactless tool to ensure safety amid pandemic

El Paso News

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Parents now have more options to make sure their children are safe when sending them back to daycare during the pandemic.

Grammies Daycare and Learning Center is taking the necessary precautions such as displaying social distancing signs, providing hand sanitizer, and more to ensure the safety of both kids and parents. The daycare also uses a unique took that takes the next step to limit contact.

“The first week that we are open you know, everyone was kind of feeling it out. Kids were out of their routine but now that they’re out of their routine you see them flourishing. You see them happy, engaging in play and their curriculum. It’s a joy to see that it’s back in our building when it was missing for two months,” Nicholas Frescas, Owner/Director of Grammies told KTSM.

As some kids prepare to get back to school and daycares, parents like Vanessa Sonnen feel it’s important to get their kids back to their routine while staying safe, “We are nervous but we really feel like sending him back to school is the right thing to do for our family. We have another baby on the way and we want our son to be adjusted and in a routine with other kids. We feel like school is going to be the best place for that. We feel like honestly the reward outweighs the risk right now.”

The owner of Grammies Daycare and Learning center said there are temperature checks, all employees wear masks, and the center gets thoroughly sanitized.

Another way the center is keeping safe is by using Curacubby. It’s a software that allows parents touchless sign in’s, enrollment, and payments too.

“Basically everything we need all condensed into one program to easily send out and communicate mass with people,” Frescas said.

“Things like that will really help moving forward during the pandemic with sending David back to school to be contactless,” Sonnen added.

While more options on keeping kids and parents safe are on the table, daycares like Grammies said they are focusing on getting kids back on track.

“It’s just important for kids not to lose that education and not lose the socialization that they need to progress. Otherwise, they get behind,” Frescas shared.

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