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A local coffee shop collaborated with a local cannabidiol oil company in selling CBD infused beverages.

The Coffee Box, a local coffee shop located in Downtown El Paso is now selling CBD infused coffees, teas and more after partnering with a local company, Blossom CBD.

Blossom CBD was founded by local businessmen Max Esparza and German Rangel. 

The co-founders said they extensively researched CBD as they prepared to start their business. The company launched just a few weeks ago but the partnership came after reaching out to the Coffee Box and leaving their pitch with the store owner. 

“We just talked about the idea and the potential that infusing CBD into coffee had and he already had that vision and because of that it worked out smoothly,” Esparza said.

Esparza explains that in the state of Texas it is legal to sell CBD oil as long as the source and manufacture are licensed through the Department of Agriculture.

Esparza explained the health benefits of CBD consuming CBD oil.

“CBD, in general, has many benefits specifically and mainly helps with stress, anxiety, depression, pain and it helps even people who have epilepsy and seizures it helps alleviate these seizures and anything in between,” Esparza said.

Rangel said although it is legal, there is still a stigma about the use of CBD products.

“There’s no THC so definitely won’t get you high,” Rangel said. “THC is just the compound found in marijuana, it’s the compound that’ll basically get you high it’s the psychosis, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana that’ll get you high versus CBD, it’s the compound derived from hemp and that CBD will not get you high.”

The business partners say they believe this product will do well in the Borderland as more people learn about the health benefits.

“People are interested people are curious and open to trying it and because of that they can see for themselves how it can help them and also they’re open to learning to how it can help them and because of that I think it will do well,” Esparza said.

Blossom CBD founders say they are looking to expand their business and hope to collaborate with other locally owned shops.

They say the Coffee Box is the first of it’s kind to sell CBD infused coffee in El Paso, but they are speaking with a smoothie cafe, Twisted Blends and another coffee shop, Viejo Coffee. 

Coffee Box employees say you can add CBD oil to any beverage, starting at $2 per milligram, or half a milligram for $1.

Blossom CBD plans to sell other CBD oil products such as bath bombs, vape cartridges and gummies.

For more information, you can find the company’s website here.

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