Local CBP agents continue to face impact of shutdown

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The Central Business Association of El Paso hosted a luncheon with a special guest speaker who shared the impact our local U.S. Customs and Border Protection has seen amid the partial government shutdown.
The Director of Field Operations David Mancha shared how local CBP is handling its service despite still not getting paid.
“Regardless, I know that some point we will get paid, and we hope for rather sooner than later. It does have an impact,” Mancha shared.
Mancha said some agents may be calling out sick during this time, but reassured there’s enough feet on the ground making sacrifices to continue the job.
“We’ve got enough staff to be able to come back and back field behind them and it requires those officers that are reporting to duty, to have to carry the load or work double shifts, but I think that when it’s all said and done, they’ll realize that we care about what we do,” Mancha explained.
By sharing the current circumstances CBP is facing right now, CBA asks the City to step up and help local federal workers.
“If they can prove that they’re a government official who’s being impacted by this, I think it’s incumbent of our city officials; the mayor, city council, to maybe allow these people a little bit more time without incurring a penalty to make their tax payments so that they can live through this period and that we can empathize with them and not take the work they do for granted,” Founder of CBA Tanny Berg told KTSM.
Mancha also shared many Border Patrol Agents have seen the community’s support and encourages anyone to help assist if they can.


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