A kindergarten teacher and her students at Barron Elementary School in Northeast El Paso remember the time they received a letter from President George H.W. Bush himself as the nation mourned his passing on Wednesday.

Martha Tavarez and her students from the previous school year initially wrote a get well letter to former First Lady Barbara Bush when she fell ill.

Unfortunately the letter did not get to her before she passed away April 17 of this year. 

Tavarez said the letter ended up being a sympathy card to President George H.W. Bush. 

Several months after her death, the 41st president responded to the letter, thanking Tavarez and the students for their condolences and acts of kindness.

 “They were super excited the whole school was a funeral card from the First Lady and the kids got to take them home and it was a whole campus thing,” Tavarez said.

The letter to the students from George H.W. Bush said this:

Dear Students and Ms. Tavarez,

This note is very late in coming, but I write to say how much the card you made meant to me and all my family. Barbara would have loved it, and she would have especially appreciated your thoughtfulness, as do I.

We all miss Barbara, of course, but we are comforted in knowing that she is happy and whole in God’s loving arms.

Thank you again. On behalf of all the Bush family I send warmest best wishes,


George Bush

Tavarez and her students have written to other prominent public figures before such as President Barack Obama and First Lady Melania Trump, in which they both responded to the children as well.

Although the original student’s who wrote the letter are now first graders, Tavarez’s current kindergarten students read the president’s response and had a few things to say about the 41st president.

“I would thank him for his service,” kindergarten student Allura Coward said. 

“I would tell him you’ll be in our hearts forever,” student Maddison Lopez said.

Tavarez says her current students are working on a card for his son and 43rd president, George W. Bush. 

The card the students sent for Barbara Bush is going to be archived in the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.