El Paso, TX (KTSM) — College students of El Paso, a good cause is calling for your help. Lend a Hand 2020 is an organization that matches up university/college students and young people with vulnerable groups that need help during the COVID-19 crisis.

The organization offers, services such as; picking up groceries, food delivery, delivering masks, sanitizer and more.

The organization was created by college students who were connected through the Mijem app, where students, buy, sell, and trade necessities.

Team members told KTSM, now that everyone is home from school, it’s a perfect time to lend a hand.

“My grandparents are fortunate that they have family members able to help… this made me think about the people who are not fortunate to have a loved one or two who can help them during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Team Member Michael Salvato.

They explained, many college students want to help.

“I’m a college student, I attended the University of buffalo, I know a lot of my peers as well and they personally wanted to do something to help with the crisis, especially when so many of our neighbors right now whether the elderly or those with pre-existing conditions really need our help,” said Christian Alsaigh.

Along with delivery services they are offering social care for those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

“We can simply give you a phone call and have a 15-minute chat with you because you feel lonely being locked up at home,” said Cofounder of Lend a Hand, Phuong Dinh.

He explained they would match those looking for that particular service with a social or psychology student.

If you are looking to utilize it’s services or apply to be a volunteer yourself click here.