Las Cruces motel occupants left without utilities during owner dispute

El Paso News

LAS CRUCES, NM (KTSM) – Residents and guests at Western Inn on West Picacho in Las Cruces now have their utilities up and running after they were turned off Sunday night by the motels’ owners.

The issue came after a dispute with the owners and leassee of the Inn couldn’t come to a agreement.

The attorney of the motel’s lessee, “Standing Bear,” told KTSM the owners didn’t follow their contract with Bear.

“They represented they would be moving out after they leased the building, well that was six or seven months ago and they refuse to move out,” said Attorney Matthew Watson.

He explained both sides filed civil complaints against one another, and the owners ended up terminating the utilities, which left residents in the dark for almost 48 hours.

“I was mad… it’s a problem between them and were the ones paying for it and we pay our rent,” said motel resident Patricia Gonzalez.

Standing Bear said he eventually restored the power to the 45 families at the motel after he gained the rights to the utilities.

Bear explained the Western Inn is meant to be a place to help those in need.

“There’s a lot of people here that have needed help that I’ve been able to help, people with abuse problems, people who are homeless and even if they didn’t have the money to come into a room we’d still give them one,” said Bear.

KTSM reached out to the owners of the motel, but they have not responded.

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