EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Car buying recently has almost become like buying a new phone. The newer models are getting larger screens on the dashboards. Gone are the days that you turned a dial for the radio and the only way you would be able to call someone while driving was if you pulled over first.

Now, like everything else, things like streaming services, navigation apps, monitors and even basic text messages call all be found on the screen in front of you.

“I think it was 5-7 years ago when it really became prominent and now its in every model we have,” said Ray Cox, managing partner Giles Volvo.

The question some may have about all these new features remain. How do you keep yourself focused while a screen you cannot turn off is giving you notifications. There are some safety features you can put in place, Cox said.

Pilot assist is an option to keep your car in its lane if you do get distracted and start drifting. Another is cruise control so that you keep yourself from the car in front of you. You can also limit your notifications so that you do not run the risk of receiving a message while driving.

“All these safety features are there, I feel, for certain because of these bigger screens. It was causing people to drift off the road or not pay attention to the vehicle in front of them,” Cox said.

There are still those who would like the option of not having a car as advanced but do not want to be left behind. While every car will most likely still have some sort of screen, Cox suggests an entry level car model.

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