Lack of rain in the west causes high risk for wild fires

El Paso News

El Paso, TX (KTSM)— The Borderland is just a few weeks away from Monsoon, meaning were nearing what could be our rainiest time of year.

For the rest of the northwest, it’s a different story. Drier conditions are expected for the upcoming season in the areas ranging from Oregon down to northern New Mexico.

According to Accuweather meteorologist, 2020 has shown to be much drier over a larger amount of area, compared to last year.

This year drought is widespread from around the Cascades in Washington down to the portions of northern California and eastward to Colorado and New Mexico.

Luckily Southern California stretched through El Paso saw a huge influx of rain in March.

The areas experiencing drought is notorious for problems with wildfires, as it is a heavily forested area, meaning national meteorologist will be keeping an eye on the area for the upcoming summer.

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