EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Many El Pasoans know the Plaza Theatre as a beautiful and historic venue with events year-round. However, some may not know the theatre holds some spooky tales and haunted history.

The Plaza Theatre hosts frequent ghost tours for the public and tourists to see. Majority of the stories were experienced by those who worked at the theatre such as previous management or security guards.

“She (security guard) claimed that she saw these human silhouettes running up and down. She would see them on that wall and she was pretty creeped. She waited till the tour was over to tell me about it,” Doug Pullen, Program Director of the El Paso Community Foundation said.

One story includes an obese man suddenly having a heart attack after taking a long stroll for some water.

​”So if this guy was sitting on the mezzanine level, there’s water fountains on either sides so why would he go all the way over there. But you never know, maybe he was just bored and wanting to try a different one,” Pullen explained, “To go where this man was, you have to come through here and up these steps and then another. There’s just a lot of steps and he would’ve gone all the way down that hallway to that staircase over there, and it’s feasible. It’s doable.”

One of the most mysterious stories experienced by Nestor Valencia, former Vice President of the El Paso Community Foundation, was with an old rag doll.

“There was a rag doll that he would see every day. One day it wasn’t in its usual spot and he went looking for it, and found it hanging on the window of the projection booth which is two stories up and at the very top of the theatre. Whether it was a spirit who did it or a teenager pulling a prank, I don’t know. But that would be very scary to discover,” Pullen said.

Other stories shared include a man in uniform during the 1940’s who fell off the rail from the second story, otherwise known as the “mezzanine”. Some theatre-goers reported to see a red light, otherwise suggested as a cigarette light, on that level of the theatre.

The Plaza is also one of the top 5 haunted places in Texas, according to an article by Texas Highways.

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