KTSM Goes Wild: It’s Zoo and Aquarium Month

El Paso News

It is Zoo and Aquarium month a time to highlight how zoos including the El Paso Zoo help with conservation efforts around the world.

A lot of people come to the El Paso Zoo to see the animals with their families but it’s not just about entertaining people and letting them learn about the animals.

“Zoos have evolved over the years and they continue to evolve. So while we know focus on animal welfare, conservation, and education. They are entertainment centers for other people. All those things come together in a unique way and help us do the work of conservation. Which we’re not doing just by ourselves. We’re in partnerships with the US fish and wildlife, some other rescue groups and rehabilitation groups nearby, other conservation programs not just in the El Paso area but throughout the world,” said Leidiana Baca, an education specialist at the Education Center at El Paso Zoo.

There are many animals that are being saved from extinction thanks to zoos like the El Paso Zoo.

“Well we do have an active program right now with our wolves. You can learn more in the Chihuahuan exhibit. We are actively participating in returning the wolves to the wild. We also have an area where we have the p horses. They are actively being returned to the wild where their numbers are diminishing,” Baca said.

Conservation efforts at the El Paso Zoo and zoos around the world help with conservation diversity by partnering up males and females in hopes of producing offspring.

“It’s always a joy when we are successful in adding to the population. Some of the program I mentioned was returning the newborns to the wild in a slow process but it’s something that happens. We consider it a victory because in the wild people will not be able to see them so they have a chance here at the El Paso Zoo to see them, learn more about them, and figure out how they have contribute in their own way to save a species,” said Baca.

If you want more information on how to help or how the El Paso Zoo is help with conservation efforts, visit the El Paso Zoo website.

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